Glass Caress 
Ergonomic Therapeutic Glass Art Massage Tools 
 for a massage experience like no  other.

Glass Caress Advantages
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  Ergonomic Therapeutic Massage Tools      
Ruby Glass Caress
Emerald Glass Caress
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Benefits to those with

Chronic Pain
Muscle Aches From Sports and Exercise
Special Occasions, Unique Gift Needs
Romantic Interludes

 Aromatherapy Massage Oil Candles

Glass Caress 
soothing, sensuous and satisfying.
glass caress glass art massage tools for a massage like no other
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Ergonomic Therapeutic Glass Art Massage Tools

Glass Caress are hand crafted glass art massage tools that allow you to give, and receive, truly soothing, sensuous, satisfying massages without exertion by the operator. 
Glass Caress are ergonomic, hygienic, therapeutic and aesthetically pleasing. Keep at your keyboard to soothe away arm strain caused from keyboarding. Massage away muscular aches and pains caused from playing sports or exercising. Many clients with chronic pain, including carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia or multiple sclerosis, find relief with their Glass Caress. Relieve your partner’s work-day stress and tension quickly and with ease. Massage from head to toe, no pressure or exertion required.

Glass Caress is patent pending and its design allows for allows for massage with ease. Its
ergonomic form and unique properties provides  for therapeutic light or deep massage. Soothe daily aches and pains, whether fully clothed in a suit and tie, dressed more casually, draped in a sheet, or on bare skin or with the luxurious warmth of Glass Caress Aromatherapy Massage Oil Candles with organic essential oils.
 Glass Caress is functional art. When not in use for massage, it can be on display at your workstation, on the mantle piece, or on your nightstand.

 Glass Caress, for a massage experience like no other you’ve experienced.

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